Dear SaFe Day Teachers and Family,

I write to you in the hope that this note finds you and your family healthy and well.  We are facing many questions with unknown answers at this hour.  The National State of Emergency, the CDC recommendations, the current closure of Oklahoma Public Schools and more importantly our concern for the health and well-being of our SaFe Day extended family, have compelled the Elders of Santa Fe Presbyterian Church to keep the school closed and all church activities cancelled until further notice.

We know this will create some hardship for some of our families.  We did not come to this decision lightly, but with a great deal of prayer and thought.  We are aware that the current situation may cause some financial concerns for some people as well.  We care deeply for our SaFe Day family and want you to know that our thoughts and prayers remain with you all through this difficult time.  We value the relationship we have with our teachers, students, and their families.  To that end, we want to inform you of two other important decisions:

  1. We are canceling all April tuition payments.
  2. We will continue to pay our teachers and staff while the school is closed.

This will be trying time for many within our extended Santa Fe Church family, our community, our nation, and indeed the whole of our world.  Let us all remain vigilant in our prayers, our concern and service to those in need, and of our responsibilities to our community and neighbors wherever they may be found.

Though we will not be gathering at the church to worship on Sunday mornings during this time of concern, we will be livestreaming a worship service each Sunday at 11:00am.  We invite you to join us in worship by going to the Santa Fe Presbyterian Church face book page.

Thank you for your continued support of Sant Fe Day school and for entrusting your children to our care.  May the Lord be with you and watch over you all, both now and forever more.

Your servant in Christ,
Rev. Mitch Miller, Sr. Pastor